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Yoga Asanas

7 most amazing poses of yoga for Covid

7 most amazing poses of yoga for Covid

Yoga is an art to strengthen the immune system to fight against covid-19

Covid is an infectious disease which has completely changed our lives by impacting our physical and mental health. We have been restrained from going out and live our everyday lives. Because of the weak immune system, people are getting more susceptible to coronavirus and its hazardous after-effects on the body. Yoga helps in avoiding or curing covid by strengthening the immune system and balancing the breathing rate. This article will tell you the 7 most amazing poses of yoga for covid to keep the body healthy in this pandemic time.

What is Covid?

The full form of covid is “CO” means corona, “VI” means a virus, and “D” means disease. SARS-CoV-2 belongs to a family of Coronavirus which causes covid-19. Coronavirus is a positive-stranded RNA (+ssRNA) virus named because of its crown-like projection shape under an electron microscope. These crowns are spikes made from glycoproteins.

Covid-19 virus
Covid-19 virus

Genetic material- Genetic material keeps the information to make multiple copies of itself.

Capsid or protein shell- It works as a protectant to the genetic material as it travels from human to human.

Envelop – It helps the virus to infect cells by merging the cells and the membrane.

Protein spikes- Viruses use spikes as a key to get into the cell.

After that, coronavirus hijacks the cell machinery and starts developing new strong virus than before.

It makes multiple copies inside the body and hijacks the system of the body.

How does it travel?

When a person who is already infected from covid sneezes or coughs, the droplets go from an infected person to another via mucus lining and land in the lungs, when the virus enters into the body and comes in contact with the nose, throat, and lungs. After getting inside, virus searches for its perfect shape receptor.

This action allows the virus to come inside the cell by penetrating it from the cell membrane. After that, coronavirus directly reaches the ribosomes. These ribosomes then make the virus proteins, such as the spikes on the surface of the virus. Next, a packaging structure of the cell carries the spikes into vessels, and these spikes then merge with the cell membrane to make a new virus of coronavirus.

How does it create pneumonia?

Lungs have a separate section called lobes. When you breathe normally, the oxygen comes from the trachea (windpipe) to the bronchi to the bronchioles and then the sac-like structure called alveoli. When you inhale and exhale, your alveoli will inflate and deflate like a balloon.

Hair-like cilia work by throwing mucus and germs out from the airways by coughing, but in coronavirus, the immune system is badly weakened, which inflames the alveolar sac and bronchi. This results as filling the alveoli sac with fluid make the body difficult to get oxygen.

In this way, you can suffer from lobar pneumonia or bronchopneumonia. In addition, you can suffer difficulty breathing, coughing, sneezing, muscle pain and even can lead you to the ventilator.

To fortify the immune system and balance the breathing rate, one should perform yoga asanas even if one is suffering from coronavirus.

What is yoga?  How does it help in coronavirus?

Yoga is a blend of physical exercise and mental exercise that helps the body connect with the mind and sync the system accordingly. Mental yoga strengthens the mind and its willpower whereas, physical yoga strengthens the body, making the body fight against detrimental diseases.

Yoga for Covid
Yoga for Covid

Practicing yoga daily improves the blood circulation of the body and improves the breathing rate. This strengthens the body to fight against novel coronavirus. It also helps release certain hormones, which helps keep the body stress-free and active, making it easier to cope with the lethal covid-19.

There are certain yoga poses that help corona patients in fast recovery and beat the corona. In addition, a robust immune system makes more antibodies, making it easier to fight against the covid-19 virus and the killer cells kill the virus cells.


  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Loss of speech
  • Hallucinations
  • Headache
  • Diarrhoea
  • Rash
  • Chest pain
  • Delusions
  • Paranoid feel

7 powerful Yoga poses to beat Covid-19

  1. Surya namaskar (Sun salutation)
  2. Matsyasana (Fish Pose)
  3. Pranayama (Breath regulation)
  4. Dhanurasana(Bow pose)
  5. Marjariasana (cat stretch pose)
  6. Chakrasana (wheel pose)
  7. Utrasana (camel pose)

Surya namaskar (Sun salutation)

Sun salutation for covid-19
Sun salutation for covid-19

Surya namaskar or sun salutation is done to recharge the whole body. It is done in a pair of cycles with 24 steps; each cycle consists of 12 powerful steps. It is an excellent exercise for people who are suffering from heart disease to correct the blood circulation of the body. Surya namaskar is done on an empty stomach. Hold the poses for better flexibility and concentrate on the breathing pattern of every pose.

  • To perform this pose, one should stand straight and inhale.
  • Bend down and exhale
  • Take your right foot behind
  • Take your left knee also behind and attain plank position
  • Drop the knees and then drop the chest and exhale
  • Look forward and slide while inhaling
  • Tuck the knees and attain mountain pose and exhale
  • Take the right leg in between your hands and inhale
  • Take the other leg also in between the palms and exhale
  • Inhale in this position and come above
  • Exhale and drop the hands.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Fish pose for covid-19
Fish pose for covid-19

This asana is a backbend exercise, where the practitioner lies down in Shavasana position and raises the chest above and shoulders down. It helps in opening the chest and strengthening the lungs. It strengthens the upper respiratory system. This also Improves the blood circulation of the body and activates the body.

Pranayama (Breath regulation)

Pranayama for covid-19
Pranayama for covid-19

In pranayama, Prana means “vital energy”, and Ayama means “control and regulation”. It regulates the flow of energy to every organ of the body, which helps balance the body’s yin yang and induces positive thoughts in the mind. It boosts the body’s immunity to fight against diseases and alleviates the negativity out of the body. This yoga pose has marvelous effects in covid as its primary function is to strengthen the respiratory system and mind and send oxygen to every part of the body.

Dhanurasana(Bow pose)

Bow pose for covid -19
Bow pose for covid -19

This pose opens up the chest, making the oxygen flow to every part of the chest and making the alveolar sac function properly. It also strengthens the nervous system as well as it helps in making the abdomen strong.

To perform this pose, first, lie down on your belly and then raise the shoulder and chest and face above and legs by keeping the stomach down, hold the ankles from the hand and then stretch the body.

Marjariasana (cat stretch pose)

Cat stretch pose for covid-19
Cat stretch pose for covid-19

This pose helps in improving blood circulation of the body and nourishes the digestive system. It also strengthens the spine.

To practice these poses, one should keep the arms perpendicular to the surface, and when you inhale focus on the navel by touching your chin to the chest and then exhale, by exhaling bend the spine down the surface look in front.

Chakrasana (wheel pose)

Wheel pose for covid-19
Wheel pose for covid-19

Chakrasana is also a marvelous exercise to perform in covid. It helps in balancing blood circulation from head to toe. It strengthens the chest and makes the lungs strong. It strengthens the brain by providing flow to the brain. This yoga pose helps the spine and stomach to nourish and flourish.

To practice this asana, one should lie down straight, keep the elbow near the head, and bend the knees, now raise the stomach above and raise the body above.

Utrasana (camel pose)

Camel pose for covid-19
Camel pose for covid-19

It opens the chest, shoulders, and quadriceps and strengthens the spine. In addition, it improves blood circulation and fills the mind and body with positive energy.


Yoga is an ancient practice which is originated in India by ancient sages. Yoga is the connection of mind, body, and soul which is being taught for the last many centuries to keep mankind healthy.

But after this pandemic occurred because of covid, people got scared and depressed and started losing their mental peace and inner peace. Because of the lockdown and everything switched to online, everyone got stuck at home. By constantly seeing screen has started damaging the eyes.

People are restricted from going out, which has badly impacted their health by sudden weight gain, hair loss, becoming obese, depressed, lethargic, mood swings, bad blood circulation, etc. However, yoga helps activate the body and helps the blood flow properly in the body. It recharges the body by rejuvenating the cells. It revitalizes the neurons and fixes them. It also helps in releasing dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, etc., which helps in improving overall health.


Is yoga good for covid recovery?

Yes, yoga is very powerful in recovering covid. By doing certain asanas helps in recharging the body and helps in changing the mood. Also, doing pranayama helps in gaining control over breathing rate. This control helps in reducing the risk of inflamed alveoli or mucus-filled in the alveolar sac, reducing the chances of getting pneumonia in covid or death because of unbalanced breathing patterns.

Is yoga safe during covid?

Yes, yoga is very safe in covid times as it reduces the chances of getting covid by strengthening the immune system and balancing the breathing pattern. Don’t perform challenging asanas in covid, but you can perform some asanas, which increases life expectancy. Yoga saves you from covid, by practicing yoga daily can reduce the risk of getting other detrimental diseases too, which can be life-taking.

Yoga and meditation for covid 19?

Yoga helps in maintaining the physical strength of the body and meditation helps in maintaining the mental strength of the body. Performing these two together helps build a healthy body and mind, which can defeat covid-19 very easily.

Does mountain pose and Scorpio pose help in strengthening lungs?

These are some yoga poses that open the chest and broaden the lungs to get filled with more oxygen. These poses help the oxygen to move from lungs to mind to circulate all over the body. This helps in reducing depression and helps in covid to breathe properly.

Can yoga improve my mental health to fight against depression?

Yes, hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga strengthens the body and meditative yoga helps in strengthens the mind, releasing happy hormones and reducing the risk of depression, mental collapse, emotional breakdown, etc.

Can a covid patient perform yoga asanas?

Yes, a covid patient performs few yoga postures, which stimulates the oxygen into the mind and the body. This reduces the risk of lack of oxygen in the body.

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Priya Yadav is a Biotechnologist, Immunologist, and certified yogini. Her passion for yoga has led her to help all the people who are in need. The main focus of Yogasutra is to cure everyone without taking any medication.

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