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9 mind-blowing acupressure points to cure sinus infection

9 mind-blowing acupressure points to cure sinus infection

A natural and fruitful way to cure sinusitis infection at home

If you are suffering from blocked sinuses and tired of trying multiple medicine and sprays, in that case, these 9 mind-blowing acupressure points to cure sinus infection is the panacea for reducing the harmful effects of sinus infection.

Acupressure points for sinus infection.
Acupressure for sinus infection

Acupressure for the sinus helps in improving blood circulation and heals the inflammation in sinusitis.

What is sinus

Sinus is a chronic disease that occurs when the spaces inside the nose and head are inflamed, congested, and swollen. This interferes with the mucus drain, and it makes it difficult to breathe from the nose. The area around the eyes, nose, and head is more susceptible to pain.

Sinus infection
Sinus Infection

Chronic sinusitis happens when there is a growth of sinus polys or swelling of the linings of the sinusitis. This condition is called rhinosinusitis, and it can affect both children and adults.

Acupressure for sinus infection

Acupressure is an old technique of Chinese that works as the panacea for all diseases. Acupressure for the sinus is sinusitis’s nasal congestion, which works like a miracle for chronic sinus congestion. It is an art to press the targeted points (Massage with oil for better results). When pressed opens the meridians by the improved blood circulation, this helps in rejuvenating the cells.

9 mind-blowing acupressure points to cure sinus infection

Natural way to cure sinus at home with the help of miraculous benefits of acupressure points of targeted locations for sinus.

Acupressure points for sinus in hands


The Large intestine (LI4), also known as He Gu point, is located on the hands’ backside. These points are connected to the large intestine, and pressing these points relaxes the facial pain and headache.

Acupressure points for sinus in hands


The lung meridian 5 (LU5) is located inside the elbow. These points help in relieving sinus drainage and pressure. This point is also connected with the lungs and helps in improving breathing.

Acupressure points for healthy eyes.


The lung meridian (LU9) is found inside the wrist. These help in curing the throat symptoms that occur from a sinus infection.

Acupressure points for healthy eyes.

Acupressure points for sinus in Feet


This Liver 3 point, also known as Tai Chong, is present on the back of the big toe. This point helps in relieving the eye pain and headache.

Liv 3
Acupressure points for healthy eyes.

Acupressure points for sinus in Face

L120- Large intestine 120

This acupressure point lies on the face, present on both the sides of the base of the nose.

L120- Large Intestine 120
Acupressure points for sinus in face

The bladder 2 (BL2)

These points are located at the starting of the eyelid.

Slide and release the pressure between the tiny hollow of the nose and eyebrows.

The bladder 2 (BL2)
Acupressure points for sinus in face


This pressure point is also known as Yintang. It is the third eye point. This point helps in relieving the headache, stuffy or runny nose.

Acupressure points for sinus in face


These pressure points are present just below the cheekbones. These points relax the swelling of sinuses and relieve the runny nose.

Acupressure points for sinus in face

Acupressure points for sinus in Head


This pressure point GB20, or Gall bladder 20, is located on the backside of the groove of the head, where the muscles are attached to the head.

Acupressure points for sinus in head

Do and don’ts for sinus infection?


  1. Acupressure on targeted locations
  2. Massage with hot oil on the targeted region.
  3. Jal Neti (rinse your sinuses daily on an empty stomach)
  4. Inhale Steam
  5. Take hot drinks
  6. Perform pranayama and yoga asanas which helps in cleansing the nasal drainage
  7. Take hot shower
  8. Stay hydrated
  9. Use hot towels or heating pads (moist heat compressor)
  10. Proper sleep


  1. Avoid taking a cold shower
  2. Avoid eating cold food and cold drinks.
  3. Avoid cold temperature areas.
  4. Avoid overnight oiling hair
  5. Avoid excessive exercise, which leads to exhaustion of the body
  6. Avoid getting wet in the rain.
  7. Don’t drink alcohol
  8. Avoid smoking

Symptoms of Sinus

Some common symptoms are-

  1. Reduce the sense of smell.
  2. Nasal inflammation
  3. Runny nose
  4. Tenderness, pain, and swelling around the eyes.
  5. Postnasal drainage
  6. Blocked stuffy, congested nose.
  7. Headache
  8. Eyes pain
  9. Facial tension
  10. Blood in nose

Other signs and symptoms are-

  1. Bad breath
  2. Fatigue
  3. Sore throat
  4. Coughing or throat clearing
  5. Ear pain
  6. Feeling cold
  7. Feels feverish in cold weather
  8. Neck stiffness
  9. Double vision
  10. Confusion
  11. Difficulty in breathing


Sinuses make mucus or fluid that protects the nose from antigens like viruses, allergens, germs, and dust. This disease creates inflammation in the nasal area and leads to chronic infection in sinusitis. By pressing certain pressure points of sinus infection helps to heal this inflammation at home without stepping out from home. It opens the meridians and heals all the allergies caused by a sinus infection.


1. What should be avoided in the sinus?

Things to be avoided in sinus which is harmful and enhances the production of mucus –

  1. Avoid Refined sugar
  2. Avoid Dairy products
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Chocolates
  5. Cheese
  6. Gluten
  7. Bananas

2. How can I permanently cure my sinuses?

Sinuses can be permanently cured by doing-

  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Jal Neti (saline irrigation)
  • Immunotherapy
  • Antibiotics
  • Decongestants

3. Does blowing your nose make a sinus infection worse?

Yes, giving pressure on the nose worsens the condition of the sinus. This is because this pressure shoots the mucus up into the sinuses instead of out of the nostril.

4. How can I unblock my sinuses?

Acupressure helps in miraculously unblocking the sinuses. In addition, applying firm pressure on the located regions that open the body’s meridians helps improve the blood circulation of the body, which heals the body’s inflammation by reviving the cells.

5. Are hot showers good for sinus infections?

Hot showers are good in healing the sinuses infection as it maintains the balance of temperature of the body. In addition, it helps in relieving the swelling and inflammation of sinus blockage. It also makes the mucus membrane moist while breathing.

6. Which fruit is good for sinus infection?

Fruits like vitamin c contain citrus, which helps relieve sinuses infection- Apricot, broccoli, parsley, kale, green and red peppers, strawberries.

7. What tea is best for sinus infection?

There are tea’s which are responsible for curing sinus congestion-

  • Ginger tea
  • Peppermint tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • Licorice root tea
  • Turmeric tea
  • Eucalyptus tea
  • Green tea
  • Nettle tea
  • Wild thyme tea
  • Blackberry
  • Lemon tea

8. What is a natural cure for sinus headaches?

Acupressure works as a natural cure for sinuses as the gentle pressure on targeted locations unblocks the blockages of the pathways for energy flow, which helps regain the strength of cells and improves nasal congestion.

9. Does turmeric help with a sinus infection?

Yes, as we all know, turmeric has many benefits as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which cures the inflammation of the nose.

10. Is lemon good for sinus infections?

Yes, lemon has vitamin c, which helps remove all the toxins from the body by curing the sinus.

11. Is coffee bad for the sinus?

Yes, coffee can worsen the sinus condition as the high caffeine dehydrates the body, which makes the body more susceptible to absorb more toxins.

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