15 Miraculous Acupressure Points For Painful Menstrual Cramps

A miraculous technique to cure menstrual cramps naturally without stepping out from the home

Every woman goes through a rough ride of menstrual pain, some go less, and some go with more. Periods come every month, give so much pain, and goes. But because of the pain, women suffer a lot at that time. This menstruation not only gives bleeding but also heavy pain, severe mood swings, fleshy spasms, distress, bloating, diarrhea, makes the body highly sensitive, and many more. Women take certain types of pain killers which have many adverse effects in the future term. But, 15 miraculous acupressure points for painful menstrual cramps work tremendously for curing the unbearable pain in periods.

What are Menstruation and the menstrual cycle?

During a regular cycle of menstruation, a lining of a woman’s uterus is shed (commonly known as the womb). The blood in the menstrual cycle is partly tissue and partly blood that sheds from the uterus and flows from the uterus to the cervix and releases out of the body through the vagina.

The ovaries in the female reproductive tract and the pituitary gland in the brain produces hormones and produces menstruation.

The hormones trigger the stages of the menstrual cycle.

A menstrual cycle repeats every 21 days after completing the menses phase, follicular phase, ovulation phase, and luteal phase.

Acupressure for menstrual cramps

Acupressure helps in relieving the menstrual pain by working incredibly. By pressing certain points on the body which promotes the blood flow and revives the cells, heals the inflammation of the targeted area, and balances the hormone imbalance.

Pressing acupoints for menstruation not only relieves the cramps but also cures the black bleeding or imbalance of the oestrogen or follicle-stimulating hormone and severe menstrual spasms. These acupressure points also relieve irregular periods.

Symptoms of menstrual periods

  1. Food swings
  2. Backache
  3. Headache
  4. Food cravings
  5. Abdomen pain
  6. Tenderness in breasts
  7. Acne due to hormonal imbalance
  8. Bloating
  9. Diarrhoea
  10. Nausea

When to visit a doctor (alarming signs)

  1. When you are bleeding more days than usual
  2. When your periods stop suddenly
  3. When you have severe pain
  4. When you have irregular periods
  5. When you don’t menstruate before the age of 16
  6. When you bleed heavily
  7. When your periods don’t return when you know that you are not even pregnant.

15 miraculous acupressure points for painful menstrual cramps

  • This point is located between the web of the thumb and the index finger.

menstruation 2
  • This point is inside the wrist, just one inch away from the end of the palm.
  • The point between calf and tibia muscle.

menstruation 4
  • Towards the end of the tailbone

menstuation 4
  • 2 inches away from big toe and finger toe

menstruation 5
  • Onto the navel

menstruation 6
  • 2 inches away from the end of the palm inside wrist towards the thumb side.

menstruation 7
  • Tip of an index finger

menstruation 8
  • 2 inches above from the ankle bone

menstruaion 9
  • 2 inches above from the knees towards the inner side

menstruation 10
  • At the end of the right side of the shoulder blade

menstruation 11
  • 2 inches below from the big toe of the sole
feet 1
  • The outer side of the ankle bone

menstruation 13
  • 2 inches away from the little toe of the feet
feet 2
  • Center of abdomen

mentruation 15

Not to-do list

  • Do not hold acupoints for more than 1 minute as it may cause bruises.
  • Do not apply acupressure for 1 hour after every meal.
  • Do not press acupressure points on open wounds, sores, etc 
  • Do not overdo.                                                                                             


Acupressure is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which works by improving the system of the body. It is a magnificent way to relieve menstrual pain and menstrual flow at home. You don’t even need any person to do it for you. It’s a self-done technique where you feel independent and can perform any time of the day. For better results, it should be performed with some oil to reduce friction and damage caused by friction on the skin. There are several points on the body which by applying firm pressure, unblocks the meridians for the better flow of blood into the parts. Acupressure also helps in balancing hormones which are responsible for menstruation.


1. Is there a pressure point for period cramps?

Yes, there are few pressure points which helps in reducing periods of pain-

  • Onto the navel
  • 2 inches away from the end of the palm inside wrist towards the thumb side.
  • Tip of an index finger
  • 2 inches above from the ankle bone
  • 2 inches above from the knees towards the inner side
  • At the end of the right side of the shoulder blade
  • 2 inches down from the big toe of the sole
  • The outer side of the ankle bone
  • 2 inches away from the little toe of the feet
  • Center of abdomen

2. Why is my period pain unbearable?

During menstruation, the uterus contracts a lot to shed the thick lining. Prostaglandins are the hormone that triggers the contractions. A higher level of this hormone causes heavy menstrual cramps.

3. What type of beverages regulates the period?

There are few organic drinks that promote menstruation –

  • Chamomile tea
  • Papaya Shake
  • Ginger tea
  • Turmeric water
  • Pineapple juice
  • Beverages rich in vitamin C

4. Why is my period blood black or brown?

Period blood is black or brown when it is old as it oxidizes. It only happens in the starting or end of the period because of the slow flow. The procedure of shedding uterus lining is also slow, which is responsible for changing the colour of the periods.

5. What do big blood clots in period mean?

This only happens when the periods are heavy. Blood lumps are bigger because there is a heavy amount of blood present in the uterus, which has to be released from the vagina.

6. What should I eat to reduce period pain?

Foods which helps in promoting menses and reduces menstrual pain are-

  • Eggs
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Ginger
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Calcium-rich food
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Cheese
  • Avocados
  • Nut

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