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Yogasutra helps in curing people naturally.

Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” ― B.K.S Iyengar.


Yoga is an art to align body, mind, and soul. These techniques can be gained by practicing physical yoga postures, meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques.

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Mindfulness meditation is to know the presence of mind and get self-aware towards the blooming connection of mind and soul.


This section will help you to know about the diseases better and try to cure them. It will also help you to track down your health scale in much better way.

This section will help you learn about yogic postures and their benefits by helping you align your body, mind and, soul.

This section will tell you everything about satvik food. From teaching you the right way of cooking food to the  right way of consuming it properly.

This section will help you find out all the accessories for your yogic skill. It will help you enhance the yogic exercises for attaining more flexibility.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali mention eight limbs of yoga. Each of them enlightens us about the purpose and meaning of life.

1. YAMA –     Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows
2. NIYAMA – Positive duties or observances
3. ASANA –   Posture
4. PRANAYAMA –  Breathing Techniques
5. PRATYAHARA – Sense withdrawal
6. DHARANA –   Focused Concentration
7. DHYANA –      Meditative Absorption
8. SAMADHI –    Bliss or Enlightenment 


Benefits of giloy

   Benefits of Giloy

Giloy is regarded as one of the top herbs in Ayurveda for treating fever and other dreadful diseases. There are numerous benefits of giloy which

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About Yoga

Yoga is a powerful form of exercise to keep the body and mind fit. It helps in balancing and fixing chakras by removing all the toxicity and illness from the body. There are many factors involves in curing the diseases like-

  1. The physical postures gives flexibility and strength.

  2. Breathing techniques keeps the body, mind, and, soul align and rejuvinate cells to fight against the diseases. 

  3. Home-made remedies helps in fighting the dreadful diseases at home without stepping out.

  4. Satvik food teaches the divinity of a healthy diet. It helps in curing the diseases with the right quantity and combination of food. The processing of satvik food is a very interesting way keep yourself healthy without sacrificing the tempetation


1. What is yoga and how does it benefit the body and mind?

Yoga is a technique that will help you align your body, mind, and soul. This is a process of physical exercise as well as mindfulness meditation. Yoga has numerous advantages for both the body and the mind. Physical asanas give you flexibility and strength. Meditation gives you mental strength and helps you correct your breathing pattern so that oxygen can flow to every channel of the body. Meditation also helps you in multiple ways, like in dealing with depression, hormonal changes, irritation, the nervous system, etc.

2. What should I wear to a yoga class?

Always wear comfortable, light, and breathable outfits in your yoga classes. Please wear pastel shades or white colour yoga clothes. It relaxes your mind and helps you to feel calm. The best yoga clothes for women and men are to wear loose and cotton fabric clothes. It is not only good in comfort and absorbs sweat but also avoids distraction from the focus.

3. How often should I practice yoga to see results?

It would be best to practice yoga at least 3-4 times a week. A simple 30 minutes yoga is good for the health. But to see fruitful results, one should take a challenge of 21 days and practice yoga as well as meditation.

4. Can I do yoga if I am not flexible or have physical limitations?

There is no restriction on performing yoga asanas. There is a myth that yoga needs flexibility but that’s not the reality, by practicing yoga daily will give you flexibility and strength. If a person is unfit then he/she can consult doctors before performing and can restrict certain types of yoga asanas. 

5. Is it necessary to have a yoga mat for practice?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to have a right kind of non-slippery yoga mat for practicing yoga asanas. There are wide varieties of yoga mats available in market but some of them can cause injury. It is better to choose the best one for you by seeing the product thickness, product material, etc.

6. Are there any contraindications to practicing yoga?

There are contraindications to every set of workouts. You have to know your health better and not perform the yoga asanas, which will worsen it. There are examples where you should be very well aware of performing asanas, including the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Asthma
  • Knee Pain
  • Sciatica Pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Surgeries, etc

7. Can yoga be practiced by all age groups?

Yes, “Yoga is for everyone,” and there is no limitation on an individual’s age to perform yoga. There are limitations on the abilities of the body. Selecting the right type of yoga for your body will improve your strength and flexibility while also slowing the ageing process of the body.

8. Is it okay to eat before practicing yoga?

No, It is not recommended to eat anything 3 hours before performing yoga. Practitioners has strictly suggests that do not  eat 3-4 hours before yoga and do not drink water at least 1 hour before performing yoga asnas.

9. What is the main purpose of yoga?

The main purpose of yoga is to align your body, mind, and, soul. Physical asnas gives  strengh and flexibility to your body and meditation strengthens your nervous system as well as thoughts. 

10. What are the 8 elements of Yoga Sutras?

The 8 elements of patanjali’s yogasutra’s are-

  • Yama- Truth, non violence, control of sexual energy, non- greed, non stealing.
  • Niyama- Purity, contentment, surrender of the ego.
  • Asana- Physical postures.
  • Pranayama- Control of vital energy
  • Pratyahara- Withdrawal of the senses.
  • Dharana- Concentration of mind
  • Dhyana- Meditation
  • Samadhi- The super conscious state.

11. Is there any special diet recommended for yoga practitioners?

Yes, yogis do prefer a vegetarian diet, as eating animals increases uric acid and, later, harms the body. A healthy plant-based diet is best for yogis’ bodies and minds. 

12. How do I start spiritual healing?

A spiritual journey is the most powerful journey as it helps you heal physically as well as mentally. There are few steps will will guide you to heal spiritually-

  • Read spiritual books.
  • Meditation at least 30 minutes twice a a day.
  • Perform physical yoga asanas.
  • Learn and opt your hobbies like- painting, music, dance, etc.
  • Nature is very powerful in healing. Spend some time in nature and dedicate yourself towards it.
  • Adapt healthy food habits.