Yoga for Covid – 7 Best Yoga poses for Covid-19

Yoga for covid-19

Yoga is an art to strengthen the immune system to fight against covid-19 Covid is an infectious disease which has completely changed our lives by impacting our physical and mental health. We have been restrained from going out and live our everyday lives. Because of the weak immune system, people are getting more susceptible to … Read more

9 Acupressure points to cure sinus infection

Acupressure points for sinuse image of sinus

A natural and fruitful way to cure sinusitis infection at home If you are suffering from blocked sinuses and tired of trying multiple medicine and sprays, in that case, acupressure for the sinus is the panacea for reducing the harmful effects of sinus infection. Acupressure for the sinus helps in improving blood circulation and heals … Read more

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