Yoga for Covid – 7 Best Yoga poses for Covid-19

Yoga for covid-19

Yoga is an art to strengthen the immune system to fight against covid-19 Covid is an infectious disease which has completely changed our lives by impacting our physical and mental health. We have been restrained from going out and live our everyday lives. Because of the weak immune system, people are getting more susceptible to … Read more

10 powerful acupressure points for Digestion

Acupressure For Digestion

Healthy digestion can make wonders to the body else, blunders to the body. The digestive system is the most significant part of the body. If the digestion is healthy, then the body functions properly and cures other damaged parts of the body, but if the digestion is disrupting, it can show adverse effects on many … Read more

13 Acupressure points to cure thyroid at home

Acupressure for Thyroid

Ancient Chinese home technique to cure thyroid at home.

The thyroid is a gland that helps produce and balance the whole body’s hormones that work by performing different functions of the body. But sometimes, the thyroid makes either too many hormones or very little and disrupts the functioning of the body; this unbalances known as thyroid disease. This imbalance is monitored by the pituitary gland, which balances the amount of hormones in the blood capillaries.

Acupressure for thyroid

Acupressure helps in curing the thyroid naturally without stepping out of the home or any strenuous workout. By pressing exact locations of acupressure points for the thyroid helps in unblocking the meridians, which help in the blood flow, balances the hormonal levels of different parts of the body, and helps in enhancing the metabolism of body. Acupressure does not need any equipment. It can be performed by using fingers, and elbows, knees and, feet.

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6 Acupressure points to cure Liver diseases at home

Acupressure points for Liver

Acupressure for the liver works by strengthening the immune system by strengthening the digestive system.

15 Acupressure points for menstrual cramps

Acupressure for menstruation cramps

A miraculous technique to cure menstrual cramps naturally without stepping out from the home Every woman goes through a rough ride of menstrual pain, some go less, and some go with more. Periods come every month, give so much pain, and goes. But because of the pain, women suffer a lot at that time. This … Read more

11 Acupressure points for weight loss at home

Acupressure points for weight loss

A natural remedy to lose weight at home without hassling into gyms Weight loss has become the hot topic of today’s world. In this pandemic, when no one can go out much, and everything is online, and people suffering from lethargic depression have started gaining weight rapidly compared to before covid situation.  A healthy lifestyle … Read more

12 Acupressure points to cure diabetes at home

Natural ways to cure diabetes at home. If you have diabetes and can’t go out because of an ongoing pandemic, acupressure points for diabetes work as a miracle for people who have diabetes. It naturally cures diabetes by applying firm pressure on the exact points of targeted areas. It allows the body to use its … Read more

9 Acupressure points to cure sinus infection

Acupressure points for sinuse image of sinus

A natural and fruitful way to cure sinusitis infection at home If you are suffering from blocked sinuses and tired of trying multiple medicine and sprays, in that case, acupressure for the sinus is the panacea for reducing the harmful effects of sinus infection. Acupressure for the sinus helps in improving blood circulation and heals … Read more

7 Acupressure points for inducing the hair growth

Acupressure points for hair growth

Stop losing your beautiful hair and start pressing your acupressure points for regaining your beautiful hair naturally Hair enhances the beauty of every human being. Everyone loves thick long hair, but because of various factors responsible like environmental factors, hormonal factors, the stress of daily life, using harmful harsh products on hair, overheating and styling … Read more

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