11 Acupressure points for weight loss at home

A natural remedy to lose weight at home without hassling into gyms

Weight loss has become the hot topic of today’s world. In this pandemic, when no one can go out much, and everything is online, and people suffering from lethargic depression have started gaining weight rapidly compared to before covid situation.  A healthy lifestyle is to work out on health to get a fit body. But, unfortunately, weight not only impacts the body but makes the mind pessimistic and body lethargic.

Acupressure for weight loss helps lose weight at home by pressing some specific points on the targeted areas. It helps balance the yin yang and helps the qi (energy flow), which means blood flow to rejuvenate the tissues and revives the organs by balancing hormones and making new cells. It unblocks all the passageways of the meridians where energy flow is restricted.

Weight Loss

Acupressure for weight loss

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese art to cure diseases at home. By applying gentle pressure on the acupoints, which helps lose weight, naturally increases the metabolism and decreases the body’s weight.

By balancing the blood flow in the body and reaching it to the place where the blood flow is unbalanced helps fix the tissue and revives the cells increases the metabolism and nutrient absorption in the body.

By pressing specific acupoints for digestion and constipation also helps in the enhancement of nutrient absorption. This reduces the risk of infection or diseases in the body.

Acupressure works by releasing out the excessive heat in the body and nourishes the organs responsible for digestion.

11 Acupressure points for weight loss

  • This point is present on the upper lip where the nose ends.
  • It is present on the inner side of the elbow
  • This point is present on the lobe of the Ear
  • This point is present on the tip of theThumb
  • This point is located 4 inches above the navel (CV12)

  • This point is located 4 inches below the navel (CV4)
  • This point is present just below the knees (Zu san li)
  • 2 inches below the little finger of hands
  • 4 inches below the little thumb of feet
  • This point is located 8 inches below the left shoulder blade.
  • Sp6 ( 3 inches above the inner ankle bone)


  • Overdoing of acupressure
  • Performing this art on open wounds or sores
  • Pregnant ladies consult doctors before performing this art.
  • Do not hold any acupoint for more than a minute as it may cause bruises.


Acupressure for losing weight is an ancient art of Chinese which by giving therapy to apply pressure on certain points from fingers, hands, knees, etc., to heal the body. By pressing these points on the hands’ knees, legs, ears, and many parts of the body releases extra heat out from the body and balances the yin yang. Pitta diseases people certainly gain weight which by giving a firm pressure on points can heal. Qi (pronounced as chi) works as energy flow as these acupoints improve blood circulation, revives cells, rejuvenates the organs and tissues, and enhances the body’s metabolism. In addition, it nourishes the digestive system by making the digestive system and immune system strong. Hormones are also balanced by pressing the acupoints.


1. Does acupressure Work for Weight Loss?

Yes, it balances the Yin yang of the body by releasing excessive heat in the body and enhancing the body’s metabolism. In addition, pressing specific points of the body improves the blood flow in the body and balances the hormones that rejuvenate the organs and unblocks the meridians.

2. Where do you press to lose weight?

  • Point is present on the upper lip
  • Inner elbow
  • Ear
  • Thumb
  • 4 finger above the navel (CV12)
  • CV4 4 inches below the navel
  • just below the knees (Zu san li)
  • Spleen on hands and
  • Sp6 ( 3 inches above the inner ankle bone)

2. Can coconut oil burn belly fat?

Yes, coconut oil helps boost weight loss by enhancing the fact that after the intake of coconut oil, you feel full for a longer period of time, which helps make the body fit.

3. Which oil is best for weight loss?

Coconut oil and canola oil have less saturated fat, which increases the number of calories burned in a day.

4. Does coconut oil in coffee help lose weight?

Mixing the coconut oil in coffee helps maintain ketosis as ketones are used in metabolic activities. It includes several benefits like-

  • It helps in increasing good cholesterol
  • Increases metabolism activity
  • Improves energy level

5. Does poha help in weight loss?

Yes, this flattened rice or poha is perfect for weight loss, and it has tremendous benefits when mixing vegetables in it. It is healthy when cooked in coconut oil as it will reduce bad fat and increase the feeling of fullness, keeping you healthy and fit. Avoid ground nuts as it will increase your fat.

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